Wallets for everyone!

I am not exactly sure about other designers, but what I do when designing something new, is I think of something I really want... and think about how I can make it not only look the way that I want it based on my life style, but what how I want to use it. I think of all the things that annoy me about things I have owned in the past that were similar and see how I can make it better or different so that its functional use is as beautiful as its physical appearance.

I have spent more than two months working on the perfect wallet that I now use every day not only as a wallet but it has now turned into my clutch also! It is the perfect size to fit my iPhone 6, my passport, my ridiculous amount of credit cards and more! All of this without looking bulky keeping its sleek line and classy touch. I LOVE the zipper because I am never worried about loosing anything any more or something important slipping out. This wallet has made itself indispensable which is exactly what i look for in my products.   

So now for this new year, I am proud to present my new line of K Marina Wallets that not only come in different leathers but also different up-cycled textiles. I will be coming out with a catalog soon ( I hope 🤞🏼❤️) so you can customize your wallet with the leather and the textile that you want!  Or just pre pick from the images below for your frist order! With your purchase of wallet you will be receiving a little monetary token of good luck inside the wallet to bring your prosperity ❤️✨


Each wallet is lined with a hand woven Guatemalan textile  

Each wallet is lined with a hand woven Guatemalan textile  

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