The J Dorita bag !

When designing leather bags , there always comes a time when people ask if you can replicate their favorite bag that they have worn so much it is practically in shreds . This is one of those bags . The down side to this is often people don't understand what goes into making a new design. It takes a lot of time, trial and error , and at the end of the day will always be a little bit different than your initial design was. Might be better or worse. After putting all this effort into making the bag and getting a mold you got to like the design too because you might as well see if more people like it and want a bag just like it !  Here is the J Forita bag , modeled after my lovely housemate Alyssa's favorite bag . I added a tipico touch by outing beautiful Nebaj textile lining in the inside. Leaving it feeling supper silky and smooth. 

My next blog will be on a lovely man purse / saddle bag / murse that I made for a friend of mine .