Shipping & Returns


Shipping Information

Bear with us, we are still just starting out and we ship all of our things from Guatemala, taking that in mind we have found the best shipping prices from Guatemala to your doorstep. Shipping time ranges from 10-15 days. Once it arrives in the USA we will be sending you a tracking number with USPS. 

Weight Lb         Price 

 1.00      —      $10.75

 2.00      —      $18.75

 3.00      —      $22.75

 4.00      —      $25.25

 5.00      —      $27.25

 6.00      —      $29.35

 7.00      —      $31.75

If there are multiple shipments going to the united states I will see if I can get a cheaper shipping rate for you. Keep an eye out for deals! 

We are not liable for any importation Taxes in your country upon receiving the item. 


Easy Returns & Exchanges

Shopping online is not always that easy, if for some reason you receive an item that you are not satisfied with you have 2 days to notify me and request a return. I will provide you a shipping address to return the Item to in the USA. We we will be happy to give you a refund as credit for any other item in the store. We can also provide gift certificates.

Kendra McLaughlin
631 Manitou Ave., Apt A.
Manitou Springs, CO 80829